Republicans Go 'Code Red' on Health Care

The National Republican Congressional Committee has launched what it's called its "Code Red" initiative--a plan to pressure vulnerable House Democrats on health care reform--Hotline OnCall's Reid Wilson reports.

What this entails is a round of robocalls aimed at 25 Democrats who voted for the House health reform bill and 10 who voted against it. See the full list in Wilson's post.

The House will need to pass the Senate's bill in order for the Democrats' reform plans to work (the Senate will then proceed to modify it through reconciliation.), and, as of several weeks ago, it appeared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn't have the votes to do it. But, as momentum has grown under the president's guidance--a major event here seems to be his issuance of a proposal, with his own presidential stamp of approval (something that had been lacking all along)--speculation is that Pelosi may have them, and at least 10 Democrats who voted "no" originally are now considering changing their stance to support the president's plan.

The NRCC, for its part, will be trying to add some pressure.