Quote of the Day: Frowny Face, 'OMG' Kick Off WaPo Column

A first?

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Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein is an old-school print journalist, a respected Washington Post columnist, and a member of our Atlantic 50. That's what makes it all the more surprising that he opted to begin his column today--as perhaps no one else has--with "OMG" and an emoticon:

OMG! I'm turning into Mitch McConnell! :( 

The real point of Pearlstein's column is to call on the Senate to scrap Chris Dodd's revised financial reform bill. He argues it's made up of "a set of jury-rigged patches designed to placate as many interest groups as possible while preserving the existing regulatory apparatus and prerogatives." His desire to scrap the bill is what makes him feel akin to McConnell (who called for starting over on health care reform). 

All of which was conveyed, of course, by the frowny face.
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