Olbermann Piles On Maddow-Brown Fray

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The Rachel Maddow-Scott Brown feud passed its expiration date sometime late last week (the Wire diligently covered the extended back-and-forth here, here, here, and here). A debate that began over Brown's fundraising letter claiming Maddow was planning to run against him in 2012 has become a self-perpetuating publicity grab for both parties, who continue to spar long after the issues have been resolved.

In our last post on the spat, we wrote: "As far as both have something to gain--viewers and voters--from the conflict, their interests are aligned." Perhaps Maddow's MSNBC colleague and resident Brown-basher Keith Olbermann took notice, because he eagerly launched himself into the fray in his first show back after the death of his father.

Awarding Brown the bronze medal in his "Worst Person in the World" segment, Olbermann came to Maddow's defense and fired back at a Brown staffer who intimated Olbermann could be Brown's Senate opponent. The fiery MSNBC host is no stranger to bashing Brown, whom he eviscerated in one epic sentence (fallout here and here). The notion of running against the Massachusetts senator brought a demonic gleam to Olbermann's eye. "Hey, I could run against Scott Brown," he chortled. "I'm fully qualified to run against Scott Brown."

How qualified? Allow him to explain.

I lived in Massachusetts. This was in 1984. So it puts me about 26 years behind the times there, which is still closer than the senator is. I was once named "Playgirl's" sexiest newscaster, almost like "Cosmo." I worked at WCBB in Boston, where he wife works. Most importantly, I own a barn coat.

It remains to be seen how long Brown, Maddow and Olbermann can continue their mutual back-scratching--er, spat. The election is only 31 months away.

This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.