Obama Makes Plea to House Democrats

President Obama made what Democrats hope will be his final plea to pass health care reform on Saturday, addressing the entire House Democratic Caucus at the Capitol Visitors Center.

His pitch was a moral one, not a political one: he implored Democratic lawmakers to vote in favor of health reform for the sake of people who are struggling for the system as it stands.

"If you agree that the system is not working for ordinary families, if you've heard the same stories that I've heard everywhere, all across the country, then help us fix this system.  Don't do it for me.  Don't do it for Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.  Do it for all those people out there who are struggling," Obama said.

The president said he knows it's a tough vote but that he is confident "that it will end up being the smart thing to do politically because I believe that good policy is good politics."

After telling Democrats that this type of vote--one that is difficult, but which offers an opportunity to help people in need--is why each of them got into politics to begin with, the president told the caucus that "It is in your hands."

Thumbnail image credit: Pete Souza/White House