Obama Is Insuring Old People Because He Hates Them

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AUTHOR: Robin of Berkeley at The American Thinker

OPENING SCENE: Sorrowfully watching an "immaculately coiffed" elderly lady "dressed in her finest garb" disrespected by "an attractive 20-something-year-old, also decked out, but in a business suit" at a supermarket

WHAT SHE 'BEHELD IN THAT YOUNG WOMAN'S FACE': "Pure, unadulterated contempt"

WHICH REMINDS ROBIN OF WHY SHE HATES LIBERALS: Obama's "socialist health system" would make old people feel "worthless and like a burden," leading many more to commit suicide


WHAT LIBERALS DON'T UNDERSTAND: That they will one day be old and frail as well

WHAT ROBIN'S INDIAN CAB DRIVER HAS TO SAY ON THE SUBJECT: He'll probably return to India one day, since "it's better to be old" there

WHY IT'S BETTER TO BE OLD IN INDIA: Because the state doesn't take care of you, which means "we take care of each other"

THUS, THE CONCLUSION: Obama and his leftist friends don't care about the old and frail, sort of like that supermarket girl. That's why they want to ration health care and subject the sick to 'death talks.'

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