No, Conservatives Aren't Dumping Scott Brown

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After their so-called legislative Waterloo, Republicans are engaging in plenty of finger-pointing. While congressional Democrats are an obvious target for Republican ire, the Boston Herald reported on a more surprising scapegoat: Senator Scott Brown, former savior of GOP hopes to beat the bill. The Herald's Jessica Van Sack and Hillary Chabot reported that "Republican folk hero Sen. Scott Brown is being taunted by triumphant Democrats - and slammed by irked conservatives - after the historic health-care bill he was elected to kill was signed into law." 

Given Brown's surprise vote for the Democrat's jobs bill last month, GOPers were certainly wary that Scott Brown wasn't all he promised. But how much blame does Scott Brown deserve for the outcome of the health care vote? Not much, according to conservative bloggers, railing against the Boston paper's analysis:
  • It's All About Expectations Michelle Malkin suggests ebullient optimism was the root of conservative disappointment with Brown: "Hopes definitely were high after Brown’s win, but optimism ebbs and flows. He’s one more Republican in the Senate, and that’s good enough for now. So gloat on, libs. I truly, sincerely, seriously hope November 2010 elections will be a blood bath."

  • Give The Guy A Break  Dan Riehl is stunned that anyone would think of Brown as a boon on the GOP, claiming that "only the media, Democrats (redundant, I know) and myopic conservatives would think Scott Brown's win is now a minus for Republicans, somehow. As if HCR wouldn't have passed if Dems held 60 seats." Riehl's throws in a tasteless sucker punch aimed at the Kennedy clan: "Hey, he's still doing better than Mary Jo, who sat in a 'Kennedy seat' on the last car ride of her life. If he can represent Mass and get re-elected as a Republican, people should have no bitch with having supported him."
  • You're Listening To The Herald? Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit seeks to undermine the Herald's journalistic integrity:

The Boston Herald claims that Republicans are blue because Senator Scott Brown was unable to prevent the democratic-socialists from ramming their toxic nationalized health care bill through the House of Representatives....This is what is called fantasy journalism… Unfortunately, this is common place in the state-run media these days. They will publish anything without any proof as long as it slams conservatives.

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