Morning Vids: Palin vs. Romney on Late-Night Talk Shows

A pair of potential GOP 2012 candidates compete for ratings on Leno and Letterman

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Last night, conservatives faced a difficult decision: Who to watch? "Prepare yourselves for a Tuesday night GOP-off," announced The Boston Globe's Matthew Gilbert. "While Sarah Palin visits Jay Leno during his first week back on NBC’s 'The Tonight Show,' David Letterman will be hosting our own former governor, Mitt Romney."

Both interviews had their moments. Those who watched Romney saw his last-minute potshot at Palin: "
Be careful what you say about her, by the way ... She has a rifle, you know." Palin diehards witnessed the former governor poke fun at herself by writing more notes on her hand, which she called "the poor boy's version of the teleprompter."

We won't pick a winner. But we'll give you both interviews in all their glory and let you decide.

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