Morning Vid: Stewart, Bush Speechwriter Lock Horns

The Daily Show host and former speechwriter Marc Thiessen spar over torture and the 'Al Qaeda 7'

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Making Bush-era torture advocates eat their words may prove to be Jon Stewart's white whale. The Daily Show host had already traded barbs with John Yoo, who effectively parried Stewart's accusations and left him muttering about it the next day. On Tuesday's show, Stewart sparred with another Bush-era foe: speechwriter-turned-Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen, who had defended Liz Cheney's 'Al Qaeda 7' ad.

Stewart took the fight to Thiessen in an extended interview that continued long after the allotted time had run out. Comedy Central posted the entire exchange on the Web, where viewers saw Thiessen question the motives of lawyers who defend pedophiles and Stewart resort to repeating questions as many as 10 times.

The media has differed on how they fared in the debate. "Stewart totally destroyed the McCarthyite mediocrity," says The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan. Meanwhile, Newser's Evann Gastaldo notes Thiessen's gripe that Stewart simply talked over him for much of the interview.

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