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Rachel Maddow has interviewed countless political figures, media pundits and industry experts. Tuesday night, her show's lineup included a unique interviewee: Maddow herself.

The liberal host switched chairs, fielding questions instead of asking them in response to rumors that she was considering challenging Scott Brown in the 2012 Senate race in Massachusetts. The issue came to a head after Brown released a fundraising letter warning of Maddow's possible move into politics.

"For the first and probably the last time, I hereby recuse myself from hosting this segment," Maddow announced before taking questions from Bill Wolf, the show's executive producer, in a humorous six-minute exchange. Maddow denied she had any plans to run for office, claiming she loved her job at MSNBC. "She's left some wiggle room, folks," Wolf chuckled, leading to a more emphatic denial from Maddow.

I'm not running for office. I never said I would run for office. Nobody has asked me to run for office. Scott Brown didn't ask me if I was planning on running for office before he decided to write a fundraising letter using my name to raise money for him. [...] It's completely made up by him.

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