Morning Vid: Jon Stewart, America's Newest Corporation

With all the perks corporations have to offer

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After the Supreme Court lifted bans on corporate campaign spending, one Maryland company, Murray Hill Inc., decided to push the limits of the decision by running for Congress as a corporation. Never one to let comedy gold pass him by, Jon Stewart took a page from Murray Hill's book and declared himself a corporation, creating "United JonCo International".

Yes, the Comedy Central host became a one-man corporation and immediately availed himself of the many loopholes and tricks employed by Wall Street companies during the financial crisis. In a devastating social satire, Stewart uses one slick deal after another to turn a 1984 Volvo station wagon ("with a Pioneer tape deck") into $4.5 million. And when his shady moves catch up with him, Stewart becomes the latest corporation to turn to the federal government.
Oh, what that wrong? Should I not have done that? Dude, I'm so sorry. Let me just go get my severance package of... $10 million! Holy sh*t! Thanks, JonCo! Where did you get that kind of money? You were bailed out? You were too big to fail? Well, I'll just take that and head down to St. Barts!

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