Morning Vid: From 'Demon Sheep' to 'Boxer the Blimp'

Carly Fiorina unveils her latest over-the-top campaign ad

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Most politicians would have been cowed by the overwhelming mockery Carly Fiorina received after her infamous 'Demon Sheep' campaign ad. Instead, the Republican Senate candidate in California doubled down on the hyperbole, turning her arsenal of the bizarre on incumbent senator Barbara Boxer.

Fiorina's ad portrays the Democratic senator as a giant blimp, sailing over California and belching political hot air everywhere. The ad basically speaks for itself, but look for Boxer's head shattering the dome of the Capitol Building (at 0:40) and an unidentified man fleeing the oncoming Boxer blimp (at 2:50). As Time's Michael Scherer put it: "[This is] an online ad I will post to this blog for the same reason that people slow down to look at car crashes."

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