Michael Moore 'Sick of' Democrats

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One of the left's most visible filmmakers has officially cut ties with the Democratic Party. Michael Moore, the Bush-bashing, capitalism-condemning Fahrenheit 9/11 director vented his frustations to Raw Story. "These Democrats are a bunch of wusses. They don't have the courage of their convictions. They won't stand and fight," he said.

Moore is most upset about the Democrat's performance on health care reform, a subject he covered in his 2007 film Sicko. The dismissal of the public option has been the sharpest thorn in his side. "It's embarrassing, it's disgusting and I won't have it anymore. I'm sick of them," he said.

As for Republicans, Moore said they at least have the courage to stand by their convictions.

"You really have to admire the Republicans on some level, because they stand up for what they believe in," he said. "They come into town, and when they win, oh they win. They come in with guns blazing."

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