Liberals Hit Pelosi with Public Option Ad

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't going to pursue a public option in the House's health-reform add-on bill, and, while Marc reports that Pelosi wouldn't have the votes in the House to pass it, progressives are hitting the speaker with a TV ad in her home district.

The Progressive Campaign Change Committee, Democracy for America, and Credo Action have put up $75,000 to run this ad on CNN and MSNBC in Pelosi's San Francisco district, asserting that 51 senators would vote for the public option through reconciliation if given the chance. They are seeking donations online to keep it on the air.

These groups have been whipping for the public option, for months, and they've compiled a list of committed and likely Senate "yes" votes here; the number has grown significantly as some Democrats have signed onto Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet's letter in support of passing the public option through reconciliation.

Here's the minute-long TV ad: