Jon Stewart, Glenn Beck Mock 'Prop Doctors'

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President Obama's health-care reform speech on Wednesday included an unusual backdrop: four people in lab coats. As Obama called for an up-or-down health care vote in Congress, the purported doctors stood around him, theoretically adding the weight of the medical community to the president's address.

The awkward stage-setting drew scorn from two diametrically-opposed TV titans: Glenn Beck and Jon Stewart. The Fox News host opened his show on Wednesday with his own quartet of lab-wearing sycophants in the background.

I learned this from the president today... It adds credibility, you know, when you have doctors, or people who aren't doctors but are dressed like doctors.

A day later, Stewart added a little snark of his own.

Oh my God! What are those doctors--there must be a virus loose! [...] Oh, sorry. Those are prop doctors.

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