Is 2012 a Race Between Romney and Huckabee?

Looking at Public Policy Polling's results, it would appear that way.

PPP has surveyed GOP primary voters in 10 states since mid-February, each has found Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee to be the favored candidate. Sarah Palin placed second in six states, but did not finish first in any of them.

According to PPP's latest round of polls, Mike Huckabee leads in both Alabama (with 41%, over Palin's 27% and Romney's 20%) and Missouri (with 32%, over Palin's 28% and Romney's 22%).

PPP has not surveyed Republicans in Iowa or New Hampshire--the two most critical primary states--and some of the states polled might not actually play any role in deciding the Republican Party's next candidate. PPP did, however, find Mitt Romney crushing the opposition in Florida, with his 44% beating out Palin's 25% and Huckabee's 17%.

(Palin has polled well in Iowa, collecting high favorable ratings, but there hasn't been any substantial polling on the GOP 2012 primary in either Iowa or New Hampshire in recent months, that I'm aware of.)

Here's the chart put together by PPP's Tom Jensen:

PPP 2012 chart.jpg