Introduce Yourself to Tim Cahill

Mr. Cahill is running as an independent for governor of Massachusetts. He is the state treasurer. And today, his campaign will make a major announcement. Watch for it -- it'll shake up the race in an interesting way. It involves his high command: John Weaver, formerly John McCain's chief strategist, Mark Salter, McCain's voice and co-author, and Michael Dennehy, McCain's New Hampshire campaign architect, will be joining the campaign.

Cahill fits the profile of a New England independent: he's fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Pro choice, for same-sex marriage. He was a Democrat until recently. And he's polling surprisingly well for an independent who's having trouble keeping a fundraising pace with the major party candidates: incumbent Gov. Deval Patrick and Republicans Charlie Baker and Christy Mihos.  Cahill wants to cut taxes and brands himself as a paragon of fiscal responsibility. He's courting blue collar Scott Brown voters who are frustrated with the status quo.

One reason why Weaver's, Salter's and Dennehy's hires will make news is because they are well known to the political press corps, which means that the race, just off everyone's radar screens, is now a blinking blip.   More on this ... when it's not 1:41 in the a.m and I'm too tired to think.