If You're Looking For a Nice, Bracing Industrial Policy Debate...

... and you're in Washington DC on April 8, come to a morning session formally debating the proposition, "Resolved: that the United States can and should 'pick winners' " at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. More info, plus online registration forms, here.

I will be moderating, and the teams will be:
   For the proposition, Robert Atkinson, of the ITIF; and Clyde Prestowitz, of the Economic Strategy Institute.

Against the proposition: Robert Lawrence, of the Kennedy School; and Claude Barfield, of the American Enterprise Institute.

We'll run this as a full-on structured debate, of the type many of us recall from high school and college. (And not as the side show / pop-knowledge quiz / personality contest / talking-points derby that is the typical Presidential "debate.") At the end we'll have some moderator questions and general audience discussion. Probably even a before-and-after audience poll on the proposition, to see if any minds were changed. See you there.