Happy Hour Vid: Rahm Emanuel's Finger-Slicing Story

His own finger, in case you were wondering

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In the long series of Rahm Emanuel profiles (chronicled by the Wire here, here, here, and here), the 60 Minutes interview stands out for delving into some of the gorier and more personal details.  Katie Couric's profile includes a long discussion of Emanuel's influence as White House Chief of Staff and his relationship with his brothers, Zeke and Ari. It also touches on something more sickening than sublime: Emanuel's extended explanation of how he accidentally chopped off part of his middle finger with a meat slicer as a teenager.

Holding back none of the gory details, Emanuel recounted wrapping the finger, the end of which was "hanging by a thread", and mistakenly getting a piece of meat stuck in the mangled digit. When interviewer Katie Couric nearly turned green, Emanuel summed up the rest of the ordeal in typical, no-nonsense fashion.

How about this? I ended up with five blood infections, two bone infections, gangrene, seven weeks in the hospital, 105 [degree] fever, and was about one day away from looking at the other side of the ledger.