Happy Hour Vid: 'One Term President' Sets Standard for Right-Wing Rap

Not quite Gin and Juice

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A hip-hop song called One Term President, which gleefully considers the possibility of Obama losing the White House in 2012, has been making the rounds. The song seems to flirt with the line between genuine article and self-aware parody. (One of the MCs calls himself a "hardcore birther" and brags about "running five Tea Parties.") But there's no mistaking its tone of frustration with the administration. Sample lyrics:

Nowadays find me on the corner with a Mac 10
I lost my job at the bakery
Bailouts faked me out, so I turned criminal
I'm selling drugs at the terminal
B. Hussein, sucker where's my job?

The group responsible is called the Wolverines, and one of their members runs a forum at the far-right Web site WorldNewsDaily, where he posts provocative video segments with titles like "Muhammad the pedophile" and "Uganda is right" (in reference to the proposed Ugandan law calling for the execution of homosexuals). One Term President isn't as confrontational as some of these clips, but it's already attracted a fair share of derision among bloggers. Still, it must be said the beat is pretty hot.

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