Happy Hour Vid: Mitt Romney Health Care Remix

Is this enough rope?

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It's been a tricky month for Mitt Romney. The onetime governor of Massachusetts has spent much of 2010 vociferously criticizing President Obama's health care plan, but as a number of journalists have pointed out, that plan bears a remarkable resemblance to the health care legislation then-Governor Romney signed in 2006. Some have suggested that this inconvenient bit of history might scuttle Romney's hopes for a 2012 presidential run.

On Monday, Ben Craw at The Huffington Post unveiled Ob'omneycare, a virtuosic bit of video editing that slams together dozens of interview clips and makes it clear that Mitt is dancing on a fine line indeed. Romney of the past squares off against Romney of the present, but it's Romney of the future who might end up the loser. Edit points ahoy:

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