Happy Hour Vid: Funny or Die Enlists Heidi Montag for Financial Reform

The reality TV star echoes the fake former presidents

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Funnyordie.com has already enlisted fake former presidents to champion financial reform. The satirical Web site's latest piece of skit-advocacy on subject is a little less sublime.

Heidi Montag makes a self-mocking plea for insurance reform on behalf of reality TV stars, explaining "if you're a reality TV star, chances are good that you'll one day have plastic surgery." Calling on Congress to stop insurance companies and bank from "being such sleazy jerks," Montag makes a real-world case for reform as only she can.

Being in debt for elective surgery is back enough, but when I think about the thousands of Americans whose only method of paying for food is their credit cards, it's enough to make me cry without moving my new face.
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