Happy Hour Vid: Dems Just Want to Fund Sex Change Operations

A serious discussion of health care reform takes a strange turn

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This is likely to be the most interesting iteration of the health care debate you've seen in a while. Near the end of a nearly 50-minute Bloggingheads discussion, The Washington Independent's David Weigel and Fox News panelist James Pinkerton wander off into the culture wars.

Democrats' "real agenda," in writing an unreadably long piece of health care legislation, alleges Pinkerton, "is to get the sex change operations." They bury federal funding for such procedures in complex laws so that "they and their friends can enjoy the ... psychic satisfaction of knowing that somewhere the government is paying for [sex reassignment surgery]." In fact (Pinkerton argues) the whole Democratic plan is to use an old lady in Ohio as cover to help some New York bohemians--they don't actually care about giving ordinary people health insurance. Weigel appears nonplussed by the way Pinkerton couches his argument, but a serious discussion of party agendas and social platforms ensues. Have a look:

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