Fake Presidents Unite for Financial Reform

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While health care still dominates the news, the long struggle for financial reform is quietly coming to a head. An unlikely alliance has formed to call attention back to the banking sector and Chris Dodd's proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency: fake presidents. Satirical Web site funnyordie.com convened Reagan, Ford, Clinton, and the Bushes to help push legislation through.

The site sponsored a skit featuring a who's-who of American comedy. Will Ferrell reprises his role as George W. Bush, Chevy Chase takes up Gerald Ford, and Jim Carrey does an off-kilter Ronald Reagan. The gaggle of "presidents" advises Obama on financial reform. But the point, some bloggers fear, may have been lost in all the mugging for the camera.

"As for that message about congressional approval of a Consumer Finance Protection Agency, we're afraid it might be lost in the play," frets The Swamp's Mark Silva.

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