End of an Era in New York Politics

Kevin Sheekey leaves Bloomberg...for Bloomberg. And Howard Wolfson gets a promotion

Kevin Sheekey, the man who engineered Michael Bloomberg's transformation from billionaire to mayor, who oversaw the 2004 RNC convention and who made sure that Bloomberg played a role in the 2008 presidential sweepstakes, is stepping down after 13 years by the Bloomberg's side.

Sheekey, according to the mayor's office, will return to Bloomberg LLP and will remain an informal adviser.

Sheekey has two children and has been looking for an opportunity to make more money than he could make in the government, an associate said.

In his stead, Howard Wolfson, the long-time New York-based Democratic operative who recently joined the administration, will be promoted to deputy mayor and oversee Sheekey's intergovernmental affairs portfolio.

Officially and in his spare time, Sheekey devoted his life to the mayor's public image.

Before the recession, Bloomberg became the de facto spokesperson for national environmental initiatives, and was placed on the cover of Time along with Arnold Schwarzenegger as two politicians who weren't beholden to any interest and who made pragmatism sexy.

Political journalists know Sheekey as the man who created the "Sheekey Bridge" -- a contraption that spanned Eighth Avenue and linked Madison Square Garden to the press warrens at the Republican National Convention.

"Kevin helped lead the way as this Administration advanced our education, sustainability, housing, immigration, and fiscal responsibility agendas," said Mayor Bloomberg in a statement. "He has had his hand in just about everything we've done over the past four years - and we've been smarter, more strategic, and more successful due to his efforts."