Dumb Press Releases: Own Goal Edition

I am in receipt of a press release from Progress Ohio alleging horrifying behavior on the part of Tea Party protesters:

Ohio Tea Partiers Mock, Throw Things at Apparent Parkinson's Victim

On closer examination, however, it emerges that the "things" they are throwing are . . . money

To be sure, the people mocking the counter-protester come across as louts.  But their behavior doesn't exactly seem to be out of bounds by the standards of protest and counterprotesters; I've certainly heard progressives say worse to pro-lifers at abortion clinics (and vice versa).  Which is one of the reasons I think protesting is usually counterproductive.

But I digress.  No matter how frail his condition, could the fellow on the ground possibly have been seriously endangered by having two bills hurled his way?

I'd certainly be willing to take such harsh treatment from the nice folks at Progress Ohio.

UpdateI should have made clear, and did not, that the reason I found the disconnect between description and actuality was that this press release was headlined "A Bull Connor Moment in Ohio Healthcare Debate" which suggested that the "throwing things" was somehow, oh, I don't know, like what Bull Connor did. Which is to say, physical assault.

The tendency of both sides in this debate to ratchet up the rhetoric until everyone who disagrees with you is a sociopath, and every protest is 1960's Birmingham, is getting ridiculous--and it demeans both actual people who suffered physical violence, and the intelligence of those around you. If you are that confident about your beliefs on this very complicated topic, then you cannot possibly be making a rational and informed decision.