Democrats and Republicans are reading very different tea leaves on how the public will respond to health reform, but to the same effect: both sides think their own party will benefit in November.

In National Journal's latest Congressional Insiders Poll, 77% of Democratic members of the House of Representatives said their party's base will "be more energized over health care reform in November, while a full 97% of Republicans said the GOP base will be more energized.

"Sunday night was a huge momentum shift in favor of our party," one Democrat told National Journal.

"You will have to put our folks in a cage to keep them from voting; they are so energized and committee to voting out the Democrats' agenda," said one Republican.

If nothing else, both sides appear certain--or at least on message--about health reform.

As far as independent arbiters go, we don't have much data yet.

A USA Today/Gallup poll, taken the day after health reform passed in the House Sunday night, that showed respondents calling passage a "good thing" by a 49% to 40% margin. Rasmussen has reported 41% in favor of the legislation and 54% opposed, with 55% supporting its repeal.

That's a fairly wide discrepancy, as is common between Rasmussen and Gallup. As more polling firms release surveys conducted after Sunday's vote, we'll get a clearer picture of opinion and enthusiasm.

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