Bipartisanship Lives?

Senior White House adviser David Axelrod, appearing on ABC's "Top Line" webcast, said today that President Obama will "keep plugging away" at working with Republicans. From Michael O'Brien's post at The Hill:

"I haven't given up on Republicans. I do believe there are Republicans of good conscience who want to work together on issues," Axelrod said during an appearance on the one-year anniversary edition of ABC's "Top Line" webcast.

Partisanship, meanwhile, seems to be the zeigeist: after his victory in passing health care, analysts have speculated that Obama may get more assertive in pushing his agenda and dealing with the opposition. His circumvention of Senate Republicans (and the Senate confirmation process altogether) by appointing 15 nominees during the present congressional recess has been read, by some, as a sign of such newfound assertiveness--though recess appointments are by no means uncommon and probably are not the best indicator.