After Health Care, Whither Ezra Klein?

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May the non-wonks forgive us for this one. The Atlantic Wire just can't pass up a question about one of our own dear Atlantic 50 members. On Tuesday, two writers take a moment to contemplate the fate of Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein--health-care superwonk. Since the young writer spent such an incredible amount of time covering the mess, whatever will he do now that it's over?

For David Steven at Global Dashboard, the question comes as an aside in part of a larger post. Klein, he says, is "for my money the best navigator to healthcare’s complexity (and what is he going to do with his life now?)." The Washington Independent's Dave Weigel chimes in on Twitter: "So when Obama signs this bill, do @ezraklein, @philipklein and @JeffreyYoung_HC disappear? I hope not."

Perhaps in his newfound spare time, Klein--who has a strange sort of Beltway heartthrob status like Peter Orszag--will contemplate those overtures from Hannah Giles.
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