@PressSec Gets a Little Too Cute

@PressSec: Kids 1, insurance 0 as companies agree to comply with new regs so kids with pre-existing conditions can get health ins http://bit.ly/dBkN48

Well, kinda sorta. Sometimes tweeting about this stuff isn't the best idea.

In the closing weeks of the health reform debate, vilifying insurance companies was clearly part of the plan, and it would appear that it is also part of the effort to sell health reform to a skeptical public.  But really, suggesting that insuring children with pre-existing conditions is is a "zero" for insurance companies doesn't really contribute anything positive to the debate, and it runs counter to the suggestion that getting kids insured saves money in the long run (that, of course, would be a big win for insurers, a "win win" not a "zero").

Further, it's within the insurance companies' interest right now not to resist but to appear to comply.