Worst Campaign Video Ever?

Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and John McCain economic adviser, has put out a video attacking her primary opponent, the conservative Tom Campbell, and it's...laden with sheep...and a man dressed as a sheep, with evil, glowing, red eyes.

Is it the worst campaign video ever? The Atlantic Wire's Max Fisher poses the question; see his post for bloggers' reactions to it. In the meantime, you be the judge:

Web ads like this one are generally created solely for the purpose of getting attention--i.e. free publicity--from bloggers. There's no ad buy associated with them, and they only work as advertisements when bloggers embed them. Thus, we try not to grant coverage to web ads.  But this one is so weird that I'm going to concede it worked. You got us, Carly for California. Good job.

It's also a strategically significant: Fiorina entered the gubernatorial race as a "mainstream" candidate with GOP-establishment bona fides, having worked on the McCain campaign in 2008, facing conservatives in the primary. And she's not the only Republican candidate to find herself in that situation in 2010, as the conservative movement has surged since the 2010 races really began. Her strategy: attack primary opponent Tom Campbell's fiscal-conservative credentials, dubbing him an FCINO (fiscal conservative in name only). We'll see if other candidates do the same.