Will Michelle Malkin Call Out Keith Olbermann?

Tinderboxes don't get any drier than this

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On Monday, Keith Olbermann thunderously blasted the entire Tea Party movement for being a "white people only" movement, asking "Where are the black faces?" His accusation infuriated the right. And he picked the scab throughout the week saying "there is an alarming homogeneity" at Tea Party gatherings.

While a number of Olbermann's right-wing critics have joined the fray, his bombastic archrival Michelle Malkin has been conspicuously silent. Malkin relishes her fights with Olbermann--especially since he called her a "mashed up bag of meat with lipstick." And she's always loved turning the tables on MSNBC for its lack of diversity. Late last year she drew attention to the cable channel's masthead, of which she said "You'll need protection from the blinding white glare":

Will Malkin respond to Olbermann's anti-Tea Party salvo?

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