Who Misses Bush?

Well, a billboard in Minnesota does

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After NPR's Mark Memmott broke the story Monday that a billboard of George W. Bush with the tagline "Miss Me Yet?" had been erected on I-35 in Minnesota, the blogosphere erupted with debate over the sign's origin and purpose. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune solved the mystery, reporting a group of Minnesota small business owners commissioned the billboard "because they felt Washington wasn't listening."

Pundits from both sides have moved on from the Whodunit question and focused on a larger issue: Who misses George Bush?

  • I Do "'Miss me yet?' Yes," declares Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft, who adds the billboard popped up "after President Obama tripled the national deficit in one year and nearly doubled the unemployment number compared to the previous administration’s average." Throwing in a little Tea Party snark, Hoft smirks: "Not even bluestate Minnesota is safe for the hopey-changers."
  • Lots of Americans John at Power Line lets readers in on a little GOP secret.
Actually, that question and the accompanying photo have been common among some Republicans for a while now. There is no reason to believe the billboard is intended as an "ironic message." It will be interesting to find out who paid for the billboard; if it's someone local, in all likelihood we know him. In any event, the sentiment is one that is more widely shared by Americans every day.
  • Good Times Though he lists several gripes with Bush, Red State's Haystack can't suppress a chuckle at the billboard. "I know, I know…he had his run and he didn’t really give us much during the second half of his second term to set up an electoral edge for Republicans going in to the ‘08 cycle," he admits. "He made some things, in fact, worse for us in several fairly big ways…but still-you gotta love seeing the Cowboy in Chief rub it in Bambi and the left’s face just a little."
  • The World Doesn't Dissent from the left focuses on a much larger audience. "We have the world's answer: Not so much," crows the Swamp's Michael Muskal. "The U.S.-Global Leadership Project [...] found that a median of 51 percent of the world approves of the Obama administration's performance--up from 34 percent approval of the previous administration's performance in 2008."
  • I, Michelle Malkin, Do Not The conservative blogger professes she had as little love for Bush as she does for Obama, listing eight of her qualms with the former president. "I don’t miss having a corporate socialist Republican in the White House any more than I like having a corporate socialist Democrat in the White House now," she concludes.
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