Where Does McCain Stand On The Shelby Hold? An AZ Resident Tries To Find Out

Arizona resident Jonah Gelbach wants to know where his senator, John McCain (R), stands on Sen. Richard Shelby's (R-AL) blanket hold on at least 70 nominees; he's tried to get an answer from McCain's office, but to no avail.

Shelby has placed a hold on President Obama's nominees over an Air Force contract an an FBI explosives testing center, which would bring millions of dollars to his home state. Gelbach says that, if there's a Senate office conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe should infiltrate to test its responsiveness, it's John McCain's.

Here's his story:

From: "Jonah Gelbach" <XXXXXXXX>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 14:28:31 -0500
Subject: Where is James O'Keefe when you need him at Senator McCain's office?

Today, as an Arizona resident, I called my U.S. Senator, John McCain, to ask whether he has put out a statement denouncing Senator Shelby's pork demand.

* I first called the Tucson office and spoke with someone named Rosemary. She told me that Sen. McCain has consistently denounced and voted against pork. I asked whether he opposed *this* order of pork. She hemmed and hawed and then said "I don't have anything on that." I asked when she would have something, or whether someone else in the office might know whether McCain opposed pork this time. She said he always has opposed pork. And so on.

* Finally she told me to call the DC office. I pointed out that I'm a taxpayer and shouldn't have to make a long-distance call to find out where my U.S. Senator stands on such an important issue as a hold on 70 presidential nominations. I offered to hold while *she* called the DC office. She put me on hold for a minute or so and then came back to tell me that the DC office said he hasn't put out a statement, and no one could say whether or when Sen. McCain would do so. I asked for the DC office number.

* Then I called the DC office and pressed "2" to "speak with a member of Senator McCain's staff".

* I was transfered to voicemail, which informed me that the mailbox for Senator McCain was full.

So I don't know what to do. Should I dress up as a pimp and tamper with the Senator's phones? What else *is* there to do?

Seriously, though: someone should get McCain on the record on this.