Transcript Breakdown: Sarah Palin Backs Limbaugh's Use of Word 'Retards'

She also jokes that Fox should fire her

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For the Palin-fatigued, this was an especially brutal weekend. She headlined the Tea Party convention (aided by some notes scribbled on her palm), lent her celebrity to Texas Governor Rick Perry's re-election campaign, and dropped hints of a presidential run in 2012. This last was one of the many highlights of a Fox News Sunday interview that showed her sympathetic with Rush Limbaugh's use of the word "retarded"--a transgression for which she pilloried Rahm Emanuel.

On Todd Palin's Involvement in Politics

WALLACE: Was what he was doing appropriate?

PALIN: Absolutely. And you know there are so few people in the political world, and the media world that -- someone like me that we can trust. My husband is -- is -- he's my soul mate. He's my best friend. He's my number one advisor. I'm going to bounce things off Todd. Nothing confidential that couldn't be shared with others out there in the public. Todd never circulated anything that was confidential, and hadn't already been circulated.

WALLACE: But it's one thing to advise you. He was also sending emails to state officials.

PALIN: He was forwarding on emails. And here's another thing. Todd and I being in some -- in some cases thousands of miles apart. If I emailed him about something -- say I was outside traveling. Todd's home. He's -- he's there at -- at a desktop, and I'm telling Todd, "Hey, Todd. Print this off for me. I'm going to grab it on my way home." Cause I work off a Blackberry constantly.

... He never got into the minutia of the politics. Todd's too good for that.

On the $100k Speaking Fee

WALLACE: Word is that you're getting $100,000 for this speech this weekend. True?

PALIN: I'm not getting it. They're writing a check -- a $100,000 check. And as I've said from Day One on this, I'm turning right around and being able to contribute it back to the cause. That means to people, to events --

WALLACE: So you're going to use your PAC and contribute it to candidates?

PALIN: I don't know if it's going to go to the PAC or if it goes to some non-profit or what.

On Whether Liberals Are "Retards"

PALIN: I'm not politically correct. I am not one to be a word police. ...
WALLACE: OK. But Rush Limbaugh weighed in this week. And he said this: "Our politically correct society is acting like some giant insult's taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards. ... I mean, these people, these liberal activists are quote, kooks." Should Rush Limbaugh apologize?

PALIN: They are kooks, so I agree with Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh was using satire to bring attention to what this politically correct --

WALLACE: But he used the "R" word.

PALIN: Using satire. Name calling by anyone -- I teach this to my children, you teach it to your children and your grandchildren, too. Name calling by anyone, it's just unnecessary. It just wastes time.

WALLACE: But you know what some people are going to say, Governor, and have said. They say, look, when it's her political adversary Rahm Emanuel, she's going to call him out, he's indecent, apologize. But when it's a political friend like Rush Limbaugh, oh it's satire

PALIN: I didn't hear Rush Limbaugh calling a group of people whom he did not agree with "F-ing retards." And we did know that Rahm Emanuel, it's been reported, did say that. That's a big difference there.

On Who Should Resign

WALLACE: Attorney General Eric Holder -- should he step down?

PALIN: Sure. He should. And I think Rham Emanuel should step down too. I think these guys are giving our president wrong advice, and for a variety of reasons I would like him to step down...Because of the way that we are treating these terrorists allowing them our U.S. Constitutional protections when they do not deserve them.

On the 2012 Race

WALLACE: Handicap the 2012 GOP presidential race for us. Who's the front-runner?

PALIN: No idea. I have no idea.

WALLACE: You're not a very good analyst.

PALIN: Fire me then, Roger. Sorry.


WALLACE: Why wouldn't you run for president?

PALIN: I would. I would if I believe that that is the right thing to do for our country and for the Palin family. Certainly, I would do so.

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