The Invisible Primary, 2/2

Tracking the GOP race to 2012

Lots of Sarah Palin news in this installment...Palin blasted Rahm Emanuel for his reported use of the word "retarded" as an insult, prompting an Emanuel apology; Palin will keynote an event hosted by the Center for Arizona Policy in Glendale in April; she'll also speak at a fundraiser for Bethel Life School in Wichita, Kansas in May; she'll address the Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan in Benton Harbor, also in May; Republicans think Palin is more qualified than President Obama, according to a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll; a single-issue Sarah Palin magazine is on newsstands; Mike Pence called Obama's budget irresponsible; and Bobby Jindal made a couple international headlines, as an American University professor said he's no longer on the list of 2012 contenders.