'Super Ferocious Snow Kitty' Berates Obama

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AUTHOR: Eureka Springs, progressive Firedoglake blogger

LENGTH: 464 words, including 4 photos of an orange tabby

PREMISE: Barack Obama "will not listen to progressives," so Eureka is writing on behalf of an independent. An independent cat, that is.

WHAT 'LOUIZA, THE SUPER FEROCIOUS SNOW KITTY' ADVOCATES: Domestic spending, high speed rail, expansion of Medicare

BASIS OF ADVOCACY: "She's been taking the pulse of the nation"

WHAT THE CAT THINKS OF BIPARTISANSHIP: "Have you ever seen a Ferocious Snow Kitty roll her eyes, Mr. President? It's not pretty."

YOU KNOW WHAT WAS REALLY 'NOT PRETTY'? The last time someone suggested a cat inform presidential policy

EUREKA SPRINGS'S FINAL SUGGESTION FOR THE PRESIDENT: "Drop that Senate bill only crap and toss it out with the old kitty litter. Post haste."

ALSO: "Keep your tail up"

THE WIRE'S TRANSLATION: President Obama probably should do something "post haste," because fed-up Firedoglake progressives are clearly starting to crack

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