Romney's Airplane Foe: Rapper Sky Blu

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UPDATE, Feb. 19 12:21 p.m.: The passenger in question, TMZ reports, turns out to have been rapper Sky Blu, or Skyler Gordy, from the band LMFAO from California--not some anonymous Canadian. In the video below, he tells his side of the story.

On an Air Canada flight, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney asked a fellow passenger to return his seat to the upright position. The passenger, a Canadian, apparently responded with physical violence. This has provoked precisely two types of responses: those praising Romney and teasing the Canadian passenger for getting irritated, and those praising the passenger and mocking Romney.
  • Our Man Romney  "On a personal note," writes Meredith Jessup at Townhall, seemingly sincerely, "I'd like to thank Governor Romney for being a fellow rule follower/enforcer when it comes to air travel."
  • Northern Nutsos "You know how unruly those Canucks can get during curling season," comments National Review's Michael Graham, who also notices that "the Romneys were reportedly sitting in the coach (!) section of the Air Canada flight."
  • American Busybodies  "I guess that will teach [Romney] to tell people what to do," writes Patrick at Political Byline. "Them Canadians are not too keen on Americans telling them what to do ... I'm sorry the guy didn't at least get in a good punch or two."
  • So Much for the Presidential Bid, says Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo. "Can Romney's national security cred ... survive not retaliating against an unprovoked foreign attack? Perhaps even by a Canadian?"
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