RNC Takes Down Its Tea Bag Page

The Republican National Committee has maintained a web page encouraging Republicans to send tea bags in the mail, but it appears the RNC has taken the page down.

A page at the Republican Party's website (www.teaparty.gop.com) encouraged RNC supporters to send electronic post cards to various Democratic politicians (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and President Obama, for instance) bearing images of tea bags with lightly visible Republican Party logos on them.

Given many Tea Party activists' concern that the GOP would try to take over the movement, this didn't sit so well with some: a blogger who appears to be connected to the Tea Party movement authored this post at the blog Daily Smarts explaining that he/she had contacted the RNC about its web page, asking them to take it down.

It appears they have: the link now leads to the GOP.com homepage.