Right-Wing = White People

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Despite the right's efforts to tout its diversity, left-wing firebrands continue slapping the white-people label on conservatives. Last week, Keith Olbermann led the charge asking "Where are the black faces?" at Tea Party gatherings. On Monday night, Jon Stewart called CPAC "this year's Festival of Whites."

There is of course some truth to the charge. A new CNN poll shows the Tea Party movement is 80 percent white. As left-leaning blogger Matthew Yglesias said dryly of the poll:

The "tea party" movement sweeping the nation is disproportionately composed of individuals who have higher-than-average incomes. It's also disproportionately composed of men. And disproportionately composed of white people.

However often the left makes the charge, the right is quick to rebut that the Democratic leadership--let alone the MSNBC line-up--are hardly bastions of racial diversity.

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