Republicans Look To Duplicate Center For American Progress's Success

A group of Republicans is rolling out a new think tank that sounds a lot like the liberal Center for American Progress (CAP), Hotline OnCall's Reid Wilson reports. CAP has served as a hub for liberal/progressive policy development, political action, and messaging since 2003, with its political arm, the Center for American Progress Action Fund, engaging in activism and incorporating spin-off groups in myriad issue areas.

The new Republican group, the American Action Forum, will similarly have an affiliated 501(c)4 group, the American Action Network, to conduct the business of politics and advocacy. The forum will be headed by former Congressional Budget Office Director, GOP strategist, and John McCain economic adviser Douglas Holz-Eakin; ex-Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) will serve as its CEO, Wilson reports.

CAP's scope and reach have become massive; if the American Action Forum is to reach that status as a political and policy fixture on the right, it will have its work cut out.