Obama's Missile Defense Logo Is Muslim!

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Big Government's Frank Gaffney finally has it: artistic evidence that the Obama administration is up to no good. The evidence in question is a redesigned shield for the Missile Defense Agency, which he says "appears ominously to reflect a morphing of the Islamic crescent and star with the Obama campaign logo."

He's not the only one to notice. Weasel Zippers, Fox News, and The Washington Times are all puzzling over the design. Gaffney is one of the few to ascribe "nefarious" intent, though, and the blogosphere response is mostly focusing on him. Left and right appear united on this one: they think he's nuts.

  • Yet Again  "In a sane world," writes political scientist Brendan Nyhan, "Gaffney ... would be cast out of polite society for [his] attempts to capitalize on the misperception that Obama is a Muslim."
  • This Is Embarrassing  "Conservatives need real analysis and argument," moans Daniel Halper at conservative The Weekly Standard, "not silliness that will rightly be mocked." He calls Gaffney's claim "presposterous."
  • Hide the Children!  In a brilliant piece of satire, Jesse Taylor at Pandagon notices that the apparent picture of a missile "hitting something in the stratosphere" actually looks like the logo for Obama's campaign, Iran's Space Agency, Korean Air, and Pepsi. Putting the images together, he comes to a far more troubling conclusion: "KOREARANIANS ARE GOING TO FATTEN UP OUR CHILDREN AND SHOOT THEM INTO SPACE TO BRING ABOUT THE BUDDHIST APOCALYPSE."
  • I Knew It  "Geometric shapes are taking over America and laughing at WE THE PEOPLE, dude," says StrangeAppar8us at Rumproast.
  • What About the Old Logo?  "Looks kind of Commie-Greenpeace to me," snickers liberal Firedoglake blogger TBogg, who describes Gaffney's post as presenting "irrefutable evidence Muslim President Barack Muslim Obamuslim is sending secret colorful messages to his Islamopuppetmasters that he will soon destroy America with low-orbit Demon Laser-eyed SpaceSheep."
  • He's Got a Point, says Lew Rockwell. It does look like a crescent--a crescent "with a US missile headed into it."
  • What Gaffney Doesn't Know  "You know who else is secretly promoting Sharia?" asks Mother Jones's Kevin Drum. "The Pillsbury doughboy, that's who." Those crescent rolls are mighty suspicious.
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