Obama Keeps Narrow Edge In Voter Trust

When it comes to public trust on the handling of major issues, President Obama keeps a narrow edge over the congressional Republicans who oppose his agenda, according polling released today by ABC News/The Washington Post:

Obama Reps trust on issues - ABC Post.JPG

The poll was taken Feb. 4-8, with 1,004 respondents, including both landline and cell-phone-only.

The Democratic agenda has sputtered and momentum for the GOP has grown, but while Republicans keep a 44.3% to 40.9% lead in generic House balloting according to Pollster.com's average, the ABC/Post poll shows that respondents had a much more favorable view of the Democratic Party, in general: the favorable/unfavorable split for the Democratic Party was 50%/46%, while the GOP sat in negative territory at 44%/52% (though the GOP had made gains since June, when it rated 36%/56%).