My Sunday Speed Reads

What I'm reading this Sunday morning....

1. Joe Biden, speaking to a Delaware paper, said "he would be open to a much smaller health care reform proposal than the bills passed by the House and Senate, saying solutions that affect a small number of people now would eventually affect much larger groups."

"This is really complicated stuff, and how do you explain it without talking down to people when at the same time the insurance and drug industry spent a half a billion dollars lying about it?" he said.

2. Newsweek's cover package about democracy in Iraq -- and all of its complexities.

3. Is China changing its State Secrets law? Does it matter?

4. David Savage on the Supreme Court's important and overlooked gun case this week.

5. Frank Rich on the Tea Partiers.

6. The Hill on the Senate's leading contender for a cybersecurity bill.

7. Even though Anita Dunn is helping David Cameron, Gordon Brown is on track to win the election in Britain, the Times of London says.

8. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will appoint an outside panel to review its procedures, WSJ says.  Meanwhile, Al Gore gives a concise rebuttal to climate change critics here.

9. Rep John Linder (R-GA) won't seek re-election. It's a safe GOP seat.  And here's a poll showing some bright news for a Democrat in a tough race.