Morning Vid: Scarborough Disagrees With, 'Loves' Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald may hate bipartisanship, but Joe loves him anyway

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On Morning Joe, libertarian firebrand Glenn Greenwald argued that bipartisan compromise was "anti-democratic" because it blunted the sharp differences in ideology between parties. Greenwald told avuncular conservative host Joe Scarborough,

I think pundits who constantly demand bipartisanship for its own sake simply don't like democracy ... They want to eliminate differences and have this sort of mushy, amorphous, artificial agreement that I think is really unhealthy.

Scarborough's reply?

Let me just say that I disagree with you completely. But I love you and and respect you and I'm glad we're working together. I'm glad we're talking.

Greenwald laughs, "I think I'm going to flee this set."

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