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"Last Friday night, my father asked me to kill him."

So began Keith Olbermann's heartfelt, heart-wrenching Special Comment on the eve of the health care summit. The bombastic MSNBC host has been full of bitter rancor lately, launching vicious condemnations of Scott Brown and others on the right. But there was no vitriol in this 13-minute speech, just grief and passion as he described his father's deteriorating condition.

In between recounting his father's cries for help and exhorting legislators to follow through on health care reform, Olbermann launched a full-throated defense of end-of-life consultation with doctors, which he said was critical to helping his father.

It's a life panel--a life panel. It can save the pain of the patient and the family. It's the difference between you guessing what happens next and you being informed about what probably will. And that's the difference between you sleeping at night or second-guessing and third-guessing and 30th guessing yourself ... That is the goddamned death panel, Sarah Palin.

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