Morning Vid: O'Reilly Prophesies Taxes on Gummy Bears, Ice Cream

The Fox News titan isn't defending Obama this time

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Has Bill O'Reilly gotten soft? The Fox News host drew fire from fellow conservative pundits for defending President Obama on several occasions. (Covered by the Wire here and predicted by the Wire here.)

But O'Reilly put that question to rest, returning to bare-knuckle form Tuesday. He bombastically charges Obama's health care plan of leading to tax increases across the board. Grumbling that America is "taxed to the max right now," O'Reilly reeled off a litany of American staples that will soon be taxed, with a peculiar emphasis on snack food.

President Obama wants to tax tanning salons. And you can expect higher taxes on everything that might not be good for you like Frosted Flakes, Häagen-Dazs, and gummy bears.