Milbank Writing Beck Book: "Tears Of A Clown"

Dana Milbank recently wrote how a Fox News star has really "captured the moment," before posing the question: "Is Glenn Beck America?"

Milbank, who only had about 750 words to tackle that question in his Washington Post column, is now writing a book on the conservative radio and television host: "Tears of a Clown." And he's already started researching.

"I've signed up for the elite membership on," Milbank told POLITICO.

Milbank said that what sets Beck apart is a willingness to go where other hosts will not. "I think he has a lower bar, and commercially, it's pure genius," Milbank said. "He has found the absolute sweet spot in the market right now."

While impressed with Beck's success, Milbank doubts that he's really  "a true believer."...