Lunchtime Vid: Sarah Palin's Life in Google Searches

Sample search: "Eye won't stop winking"

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Google's first-ever television commercial, an understated 53-second spot called "Parisian Love," aired during Super Bowl XLIV to great fanfare. The ad chronicles a whirlwind transatlantic romance as told in search engine queries ("impress a French girl" gives way to "long distance relationship advice" and eventually "churches in Paris").

It's a form that lends itself well to parody, and a number of spoofs have already surfaced, including one that summarizes Sarah Palin's meteoric rise through the political establishment. It's certainly not a comprehensive biography of the woman who might be the next Republican presidential candidate, and it probably won't please those who want to see Palin taken more seriously, but it hits a number of highlights. (Sample searches: "field dress a moose," "who is John McCain?," "eye won't stop winking.")

The clip shown below, from The Rachel Maddow Show, uses a rising, inspirational piano figure, though it should be noted that another version, set to Dueling Banjos, is available for those who are interested.

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