Lunchtime Vid: Glenn Beck Barks at Obama's Stimulus Claims

The Fox News host bares his teeth at the stimulus--literally

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On Wednesday we gave a shout-out to David Leonhardt for cutting through the static on the stimulus and providing an honest report card. Leonhardt explained that while the stimulus appears to have been a success, it has become a political albatross because the White House did a poor job selling the package while critics launched overheated attacks at it.

On the stimulus's one-year anniversary, it appears little has changed. Right-wing firebrand Glenn Beck savaged the stimulus on his show, literally yapping like a terrier at Obama's claim that "so far, at least, the dog hasn't barked." An incensed Beck was happy to provide the barking and quickly added:

Dog hasn't barked?! It's like a pack of wild Cujos ripping up the flesh of the American people!

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