Jenny Sanford Shoulda Seen the Warning Sign!

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Wronged South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford is blitzing the media--including Barbara Walters--to promote her new book. All most people can talk about, however, is one detail: that Mark Sanford cut any mention of fidelity from their marriage vows.

This may be the one thing that unites political bloggers more than the Obama-GOP debate. Consensus that this was a "bad sign" is so overwhelming it's quickly becoming a cliche:

  • 'Yep, That's Not a Good Sign' - Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall.
  • 'In Retrospect, This Should Have Been a Warning Sign' - Doug Mataconis at Below the Beltway
  • 'Sanford's Warning Sign' - Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
  • 'Dept. of Warning Signs' - Politico's Ben Smith (who adds "Um" to his preface)
  • 'A Bad Sign' - Brad at The Crossed Pond (addition: "Y'think?")

Of course, there are other Sanford marriage details to talk about. Gawker's Ryan Tate is aghast at the governor's gifts to his wife, which included "a drawing of half a bike" and a diamond necklace he later took back. "You should buy the book," he concludes, "so that she can buy herself some proper presents." Meanwhile, Ann Althouse, Glenn Reynolds, and The New Republic's Jonathan Chait debate whether Sanford really cheated, if he never vowed fidelity in the first place. Finally, Taegan Goddard homes in on this choice find, under the heading of "quote of the day":

"How'd I do?"

-- South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, on the phone to his wife after holding a press conference admitting to an extramarital affair.
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